Lockersystem packages

With a package locker system, also known as “drop off & pick up”, packages can be distributed via the lockers. This can come in handy in various situations and environments and can also be used to replace a concierge or reception staff.

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Drop off & pick up

The parcel locker system is designed for the unattended transmission of goods, parcels and services. The parcel lockers are used as a transfer station within, for example, a company, consumer pick-up station or a pick-up station. The locker system can be set up for Multi-user, allowing postal service providers, service providers and courier services to use the locker system.

The locker package can also be placed in a luxury hotel or apartment complex to replace a supervisor or concierge. In such a situation, it is also possible to opt for only affiliated service providers or courier services to use the package locker system.

  • Any person who is registered in the locker system database has the option to hand in and receive something;
  • The person who sends something (hands it over to the locker system) must identify himself with the system and can then choose a registered recipient;
  • The sender can then choose an available locker in which he or she wants to place the package, depending on the size of the package;
  • After the locker is closed, the chosen recipient will receive a message by email and / or SMS that a package is ready for collection;
  • The person or company for whom the package is intended can open the locker after authentication with the locker system to remove the package;
  • After the package has been removed from the locker and the locker has been closed, the sender will receive a message that the package has been collected


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Functions & possibilities

Safe and reliable drop or pick up locker system

Management in the cloud

The manager, inspector or supervisor has full insight and control into the locker use of the personnel.

RFID chip

Equipment or tools can be equipped with an RFID chip so that they can be scanned immediately.

Workforce link

Ubilock can link to your current workforce. This way, employees can continue to use their current personnel cards.

Charging points

Each locker can be equipped with a power point, so that equipment / tools can be charged immediately.

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