Committed business

Involved in our neighborhood society

Olssen supports the initiative Share café De Buurman, we are friends of De Buurman for more information see also the website of the neighbor


Our (wooden) furniture such as lockers, mailboxes and filing cabinets and aluminum and steel coat racks are produced locally in the Netherlands and produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


We offer young people the opportunity to become familiar with the labor market, which is why we also offer young people from secondary education the opportunity to do an internship.

Environmental statement

Olssen has an environmental statement. In the execution of its business activities, Olssen strives to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum and to continuously improve its environmental performance. Sustainable entrepreneurship has been implemented in all areas of business operations and has been laid down in an environmental manual. Measurement and assurance takes place on the basis of ISO 14001. Waste generated during production is limited as much as possible. The residual waste is reused / recycled.

Other waste materials are separated:

· Paper and cardboard
Packaging waste
Canteen waste
Small hazardous waste (batteries, CD-ROMs)
Drums and cartridges

Renewable energy

Olssen gives the absolute preference of using sustainable energy. When contracting the energy supplier, the focus is on green electricity and suppliers are assessed on the origin of the electricity supplied on the basis of the electricity label and GVO (guarantee of origin). We prefer electricity with wind or sun as origin.


The following measures apply to the fleet:

- The purchase policy for trucks since 2010: standardized at least Euro 5. At least Euro 6 since 2015.
- The purchase policy for cars since 2014: hybrid cars or cars that run on green gas (CNG)
- The “new driving” course for all drivers, with the objective of using fuel as efficiently as possible.
- All vehicles equipped with GPS / navigation equipment to optimize travel times as much as possible and to evaluate consumption data.
- Timely maintenance, necessary to meet consumption and emission standards.
- Combining transports

Packaging materials

Olssen uses as few packaging materials as possible.
The incidentally necessary packaging material is selected for minimal environmental impact.
All packaging materials used are recyclable and meet the requirements as defined within the ISO 14001 environmental management system.
Where possible packaging materials are reused (blankets, foam rubber)

Package delivery

In the context of corporate social responsibility, Olssen tries to reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, Olssen has chosen to maintain 1 fixed day per week for package delivery.
As a result, we can not always guarantee next day delivery, but we are happy to do our bit to contribute to a cleaner environment. Our corporate vision in corporate social responsibility is reflected in both our sustainable products and our logistics.

Reuse furniture

When purchasing new furniture, Olssen can reuse the existing furniture for other applications such as charities or foundations.