Click & collect and package locker systems

Deliver and collect orders via a locker system.

With an electronic click & collect locker systems, your customers can easily pick up orders at a locker wall. This gives them control over their order, without hassle, at the perfect time and with excellent security. Click & collect is usable in every sector, whether this concerns wholesale, a local butcher (yes, cooled lockers!), or a petrol station. Provide your customers with great service and lower your costs.

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    Discover the advantages

    • No purchase of software
    • Low management costs
    • Remote control

    Fully in control

    • Payment options and insight into revenue
    • Keynius platform for optimal management
    • Historical and real-time reports


    • GDPR-proof systeem
    • Encrypted software
    • High-quality lockers

    Functions and possibilities

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    Extra service 24/7

    With a click & collect locker system, you offer your customers the possibility of picking up order products at a time of their choosing.

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    Contactless transfer

    Package lockers ensure a secure and contactless transfer of the item to be retrieved by the customer. This means you no longer need a supervisor or staff to check the process.

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    Multiple purposes at the same time

    Every locker wall can be set up for various purposes. Part of them can be used for click & collect, and another part of the lockers for storing personal belongings, for example, for shoppers.

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    Cooled or heated

    Lockers can be equipped with cooling or heating. This allows them to keep perishable (food) products at the right temperature for collection.

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    Central locker management

    The management of the lockers (authentication, authorisation, communication) takes place centrally via the online software Keynius. Administrators can simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop.

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    Greater customer satisfaction

    Customers don’t have to worry about missing a delivery. They also don’t spend money on delivery costs. And they can also return packages here!

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    Clients can identify themselves at the locker wall, for example with a pin code, QR code, or via the smartphone app, after which their designated locker will open for collection.

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    For indoors and outdoors

    The rugged, solid, and beautiful lockers are even available in an outdoor variant. That’s really 24/7 service!

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    Lower your costs

    With the flexibility of package lockers, you do not only provide an extra service, but also save on staff costs or delivery costs.

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    Keynius is the innovative software for central locker management and use of the lockers (locker management). You use Keynius as cloud software, 100% secure and without costs for installation or maintenance.

    Tailored solutions

    The lockers can be assembled completely according to your requirements, both in terms of software configuration and appearance and design.


    What is Keynius?

    Geautomatiseerde apotheeklockers Geautomatiseerde apotheeklockers Geautomatiseerde apotheeklockers

    Keynius is the innovative, plug & play software for the management and use of the lockers (locker management software). Keynius is a cloud application, meaning that you in addition to the optimal security of our environment also no longer have to worry about installation, management, and updates.

    Locker and user management thus requires no more than a pc with a (data) internet connection. The administration for rent and deposit is also handled easily and intuitively via Keynius.

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