Choose 100% circular

Even if you go for 100% circular lockers, there is still a lot to choose from. Or rather: at least as much! Choose lockers made from:

  • 100% recycled and social steel (can be recycled again after life)

  • 100% circular wood

  • 100% recycled textile (possibly collected by yourself!)

Lockers met zero impact

When you choose Olssen lockers, you make a truly green choice. In addition to our attention to the materials used, we also operate as sustainably as possible in the surrounding processes.

We can therefore be brief about the use of the lockers: energy consumption is extremely low, operation is fully digital, and with the use of green energy you can even use your lockers in an energy-neutral way.

And we are also always looking at how we can work even more sustainably at our 'home'. And that pays off: we have been able to reduce and compensate CO2 emissions in such a way that our entire locker process is CO2 positive! We have also reduced our energy consumption in many ways, and with the energy generation we even feed back into the grid.

Curious about our smart lockers?

Simply book a live demo at your location! With our special demo case we would like to show you how easy, flexible and smart to use and manage our lockers are.

Can we have your old jeans?

Whether there were ever hip holes in your jeans or not, it doesn't matter at all: we simply make beautiful lockers from used jeans - but also from just about any other type of textile. Sturdy, durable and unique!

The framework of these lockers consists of recycled and social steel. For the conversion you can choose textiles processed by us (jeans or other textiles). Or even organize your own fundraising campaign for used textiles, such as company clothing!

Do you like wood?

Beautiful and sustainable: our wood is 100% circular. Walls and doors consist of up to 85% recycled wood. The remaining 15% consists of residual flows from the wood industry or thinning wood, originating from sustainable forest management and road verge maintenance.

Did you know that for our wood, the raw materials are collected as close as possible to the production sites and transported as sustainably as possible?

Do you opt for social steel?

Our metal lockers are made from recycled steel. Yes, everyone! Where possible, local social workshops are also used for the steel frames. During production, a lot of attention is also paid to environmentally friendly products, for example for the powder coating.

A second life for your locker

For all our lockers, we will collect them from you free of charge at the end of their economic life. Sometimes the lockers can still be used perfectly, for example for social projects. But sometimes processing into a new product is the best choice. Then we ensure that all materials are collected and processed separately. No more than logical, right?

Quality Standards

Olssen is certified according to ISO 9001 (management) and ISO 14001 (environment and sustainability), and uses locker software with ISO 27001 certification (information security). Since 2022 we are also the proud owner of the EcoVadis Bronze Star.

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