Electronic laptop lockers

Controlled lending for laptops

By installing electronic laptop lockers, companies or schools can lend laptops to staff members or students in a controlled manner. When the laptops are owned by the company itself, it is important that the lending of these laptops is handled in a controlled manner. With an electronic laptop issue system, it is possible to keep track of exactly which person is using a laptop.

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Keynius® is an innovative locker management system. The software runs in the cloud on our (extremely secure) Microsoft Azure platform. Due to the completely new way of looking, Keynius has an unprecedented flexible structure and is suitable for all locker solutions, including laptop lending systems. Get to know our distinctive locking solutions software Keynius® Online and Keynius® app.

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Electronic laptop lockers are ideal for the controlled lending of laptops to your employees or students.

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Discover all the unqiue features and functions of Keynius. The most inovative, advanced and extremely flexible locker software.

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