Electronic luggage lockers

Locker system for safe storage of luggage

Luggage lockers allow tourists, passengers and travelers to safely store their luggage for a certain period of time. Ideal when they have to wait a long time or want to temporarily go on the road without having to carry heavy luggage.

Your challenge

In public spaces, people usually need a place to store their personal belongings. Think of public parks, airports, amusement parks or events. Being able to safely and easily store one’s belongings in public spaces, benefits the environment, the person and the one that owns the lockers. Increase service and provide your visitors with a beautiful storage solution. Visitors can rent a locker online, or on the spot with a payment terminals which your locker system can be equipped with.

Our solution

Electronic luggage lockers can be rented on the spot or claimed via an (online) reservation. Keynius can create a link to your website so that interested parties can rent a luggage locker in advance so that they can be sure that they can store their luggage during the visit. Payment can be made in advance (for the rent) or at the locker setup itself via a built-in payment terminal. Users can determine themselves for which period of time they want to use a luggage locker. With such a locker system you increase the service considerably.

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