Electronic school lockers

Locker systems for educational institutions

To make the ease of use as optimal as possible, our locker system contains numerous functions and options to achieve this. For example, the administrator can manage the lockers via a PC, tablet or smartphone, change various settings and the administrator has an up-to-date overview of locker use. Current student files can be easily integrated into the locker management software so that students can be easily added or removed.

Safety comes first

Electronic school lockers must be user-friendly, but above all safe, which is why our products are fully AVG-proof and are regularly tested by cyber security centers. In addition, our locker system is also protected against power failure and the lockers have good burglary protection thanks to the high quality that we offer. The combination of these security measures ensures that personal data and possessions are always well protected.

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Electronic school lockers are secure, easy to use and offer many features and functions for both users and administrators.

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