Locker cabinets with payment functions

Make money with your lockers

There are many situations where it is normal for people to have to pay to use/rent a locker. Common locations where we have installed lockers with payment functions are amusement parks, airports and on events. Normally these are lockers where visitors or passengers want to temporarily store their personal belongings, and have to pay to do so. Through Keynius, our unique locker software platform, administrators can view all current data and revenues from the lockers.

Of course there’s also the possibility to sell products through locker cabinets. Read more about our vending locker systems and how people can pay for the product they want to buy/rent from the locker.

Unique features for administrators

Administrators are in full control with the Keynius Smarty, smartphone App and Online.
Via de Keynius Webapp zijn de lockerbeheerders volledig in controle en zijn er vele mogelijkheden en functies die het lockerbeheer met betaalfuncties optimaal maken:

  • View revenue from lockers
  • View which product performs best
  • Edit prices of lockers or products inside them
  • Users can reserve and pay in advance for lockers through your own temporary website
Fully in control with Keynius

With the unique Keyius platform, administrators can view current statuses, data and revenues of the lockers, online via the web app or mobile app. Very simple and enormously extensive, with Keynius you have a next level locker solution.

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Discover all the unique features and functions of Keynius. The most innovative, advanced and highly flexible locker management software.

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Vending and rental

In a vending/rental locker system, a payment function is of course indispensable. Check out our vending and rental solutions here.

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In our webshop you can also order lockers without an electronic system. Olssen offers one of the largest locker assortments on the market.

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