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Prevent smelly garment lockers

There are many situations in which employees hang up their wet/smelly work clothing in garment lockers, while these are not equipped with a proper ventilation/extraction system. Olssen has the solution: we supply lockers that can be equipped with a mechanical ventilation concept. This removes unpleasant odours and ensures that wet clothing dries even better. If this is combined with our Keynius locker management system, your locker room has a storage solution that is ready for the future.

The mechanical ventilation concept

The mechanical ventilation concept means effective odor removal through high air circulation with even better drying – achieved by connecting to the local ventilation system in the building. Areas of application for the Olssen ventilation concept: can be used wherever odours have to be removed and normal drying processes have to take place. Depending on the moisture content, the clothes to be dried are dry after 6-14 hours. The room temperature should be around 20 degrees with a relative humidity of around 50% (normal climate in Central Europe) This solution is applicable for many types of clothes lockers, closets and locker cabinets that are placed in changing rooms and checkrooms. Ask our specialists or make an appointment with one of our advisers.

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