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Borrow shared company assets to your employees in a controlled manner. With this unique locker system, business processes are optimized and operational costs will be reduced.

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Keynius contains all the functions and possibilities for a modern and smart product distribution locker system. This locker system is ideal for companies where employees are constantly working with shared assets. The product dispensing locker system ensures that it is possible to view and assign who has opened which locker and what has been taken from the locker. When using this locker system, employees can therefore pick up shared company assets in a controlled manner, while there is always supervision to ensure that the used business assets are returned properly. So when something is lost, it can always be viewed (by the administrator) who has used the relevant good for the last time.

How the system works

Via a central terminal (Touchscreen), employees can choose which locker they want to open via a (staff) card or other authentication option. It is also possible to provide the interface with icons of, for example, the tools to be borrowed, so that users can click on which type of tool / equipment they want to borrow, after which the relevant locker will open. The locker system then knows exactly who opened the locker and at what time. In this way, administrators always have clear insight into the use. The users can easily indicate via the central screen whether they are coming to pick up or return something, this will all be registered by the locker management software.

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