Transparent lockers

View the contents from the outside

See-through lockers can be a great benefit for certain environments and situations. If it’s important that the contents of a locker can be viewed from the outside, such as a vending machine or dispensing lockers for tools, it’s convenient when the doors are transparent. In our webshop transparent lockers can be ordered directly, however, this is without our unique electronic locker system Keynius. If you are interested in a locker system in combination with lockers with transparent doors, please feel free to contact u.

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Would you like to view and/or order our range of transparent lockers? Check them in our webshop.

To the webshop

Transparent lockers i.c.w. our unique electronic locker system Keynius? Discover all possibilities.

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Example project

We have successfully completed projects at several companies where lockers have been installed with see-through doors.

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