The perfect locker solution for every application.

Our locker systems can be used in numerous ways for various applications. With the extra functionalities, you can expand or further refine your locker solutions.

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Extra functionalities and options

Refine your locker system with extra functionalities to create the perfect solution for your situation.

Lockers for outdoors

Would you like to place your locker solution outdoors? This is possible with our special outdoor lockers! Handy, for example, for issuing products after closing time or for package lockers.

Cooling or heating

Sometimes it is important to keep products or items at precisely the right temperature. For example, to keep your groceries or flowers fresh, or to keep food orders warm, you can have your lockers equipped with controlled heating or cooling.

Payment options

When you sell or rent items or products via your locker system, it’s of course very convenient for customers to be able to pay quickly and easily. You can for example opt to install a payment terminal.

Locker stock management

With the innovative Keynius locker software, you can precisely monitor - and view in real-time - which products or items are available in your lockers, and which items have been sold or rented.

Sensors & connections

In the lockers themselves, you can also make things nicer or more convenient, for example with an infra-red sensor for emptiness detection or a USB or power hookup. Also very convenient when you’re managing the issue of company equipment via your lockers.

Lockers in all shapes, sizes, and designs

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