Locker as a service

Do you want to benefit from all the possibilities of smart lockers without investing directly? Then choose our Locker as a Service (LAAS). You have complete freedom in compiling your smart locker walls and financial security.

  • Subscription: purchase, subscriptions and maintenance are charged to you on the basis of a monthly subscription.

  • Pay-per-locker: purchase, subscriptions and maintenance are fully borne by Olssen. The use of lockers is charged to you monthly on the basis of actual use.

Do you want your users to pay for their locker? We can also take that completely off your hands. Ask us about the possibilities for an optimally favorable business case!

Lease your smart lockers

Is an investment in lockers not convenient for you, but do you want to enjoy the countless benefits that smart lockers can offer? We are happy to help you with an attractive lease offer, where financing is possible in all kinds of forms, from financial lease or hire purchase to operational lease (rental).

  • Financial lease: the lockers come directly into your ownership, we arrange the financing

  • Hire purchase: you have full economic rights over the lockers, and at the end of the contract period, the lockers also become your property.

  • Operational lease: we install the lockers and retain ownership of them. At the end of the contract period you still have the option to purchase the lockers at residual value.

With our financing options you have complete freedom in the composition of your locker wall(s). You choose which costs you then include in the lease: purchase of the lockers, monthly subscriptions and maintenance contract can all be part of the lease contract.
(*) min. contract duration of 1 year

Lockers as a service or rather lease? We are happy to help you make the right choice.

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