Temporary lockers: stand-alone or in a 20-foot container

Do you temporarily need (extra) smart lockers, for example to safely store personal belongings during an event? Then we have the perfect solution: Olssen Rental Lockers! We have several options, depending on our situation.

1. Stand-alone: to complement existing locker walls or as stand-alone

The beautiful, sturdy lockers measure 25 x 30 x 40 cm. The lockers are placed in locker walls of 16 compartments, with a total size of 220 x 60 x 40 cm. Because of the beautiful blue coating (RAL 5010), these lockers fit into any environment.

2. Smart lockers in a plug-and-play shipping container

Looking for storage options for visitors to your outdoor event? Olssen has a specially developed container with 244 smart lockers. A power source is generated (evt. generator) and it can be scanned by a QR code with a smartphone and a reserved locker (online).

3. Coinlockers

Also, we have temporary lockers with coin payment. It is worth €2.- and the locker is placed in one key.

Olssen takes care of the complete handling of your temporary lockers. We can see you have some places in our country, in terms of administrative regulations. All our services include transportation, administration, hosting and possible delivery services. lockers by code. Claiming, paying and operating is done through the web page that has your branding.

What about the locker? If you wish to reserve your order (iDeal), you can also add a PIN of a QR code (which is ideal for your purchase). A gunstige ROI is zo eenvoudig onder handbereik!

What do you need a wardrobe? How to do it! Download eleven 'lockers huren' brochure.

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