The locker solutions for emergency and emergency services

With our unique locker system you ensure that employees of emergency services can safely store their personal belongings and/or private and work clothing. In addition, our locker system is extremely suitable for storing service weapons and other police accessories, and attributes for, for example, the fire brigade. Very solid, user-friendly and above all extremely safe electronic lockers.

Ease of use

  • Lots of authentication options
  • Use of the Keynius app
  • Fixed and flexible users


  • Innovative cloud software

  • Control online via Keynius
  • Historical and live reports



  • AVG proof system

  • Encrypted software
  • High quality cabinets



With the Keynius locker software you can use the locker authentication that best suits your situation. E.g. via a card or tag, combination lock, fingerprint, pin code, RFID, QR or barcode, bluetooth (BLE), or completely handy via the smartphone app.

Store private and work clothes

Make sure your employees have a place where they can exchange their private clothes for their work clothes. This can easily be done with clothing lockers from our range i.c.m. our unique electronic locker system.

Electronic gun safes

Our electronic locker system has the features to serve as highly secure, solid and user-friendly gun safes. The safe storage of, for example, service weapons or other attributes is an important requirement for, for example, the police or fire brigade.

Fixed and flexible

Assigning lockers to users can be fixed (a user has their own locker) or flexible (a user is assigned a locker at a time). You can of course also combine this, or allow anonymous use.

Link your system (API)

Using the many available APIs, you can easily link your own (user) management system – Microsoft Active Directory, Exact, Afas, etc. – with the innovative Keynius cloud software. This way you can also easily use your own data from your HR or access control system for locker management.

Central locker management

You can easily manage with Keynius online. Administrators simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop. And in case of emergency, they can open individual lockers – with the user's permission – on the spot with the smartphone app.

Safety guaranteed

Olssen offers excellent security, so that your visitors can safely store their personal belongings in your locker system. Of course we ensure that all data is extremely secure, including end-to-end encryption. And we do not store personal data.

Cloud solution

The Keynius locker software is a cloud solution so that you never have to work or pay for (the purchase or maintenance of) servers and software, while at the same time you are assured of an extremely secure solution with full end-to-end encryption. That saves a lot of worries and money!

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