There is a hygienic locker system

With a locker solutions you can find a person who has rented their property in person/ of private - in working in the country, where we are in charge of this is: our work as a professional.

Ease of use

  • Many authentication options
  • Use of the Keynius app
  • permanent and flexible users


  • Innovative cloudsoftware

  • Manage online via Keynius
  • Historical live reports



  • AVG-proof system

  • Encrypted software
  • High quality cabinets


Fixed or flexible use

Assigning lockers to users can be either fixed (a user has their "own" assigned locker) or flexible (a user is assigned one locker at a time). These options can also co-exist.

Smartphone app

You can use the Keynius smartphone app (Android and IOS) for your actions, your lockers are open and available.


With Keynius, any form of locker authentication can be targeted, for example via a pass the tag, combination lock, fingerprint, PIN code (via the terminal), RFID, QR- the barcode, bluetooth (BLE) the smartphone app.

Central locker management

There are lockers and lockers (authentication, authorization, communication) located centrally via smart locker Keynius software. You log in via browser on your pc of laptop.


Keynius is the innovative software for the central locker which is powered by elektronische lockers (locker management). You can use Keynius via a cloud platform.


It is possible within all industries to link with Keynius to an Active Directory or your current access control system, so that you can, for example, continue to use current personnel cards for authentication.

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