Automated pharmacy cabinets for dispensing prescriptions

Speed ​​and efficiency are increasingly becoming the norm in daily life, making 24/7 accessibility an indispensable part of our society. As a result, many branches increasingly wish to collect their prescription or medicine when it suits them, whether at night or during the day. , on weekends or late at night. Our unique pharmacy locker solution allows 24/7 prescription dispensing, allowing customers to pick up their prescription whenever they want and you have more time for personal contact at the counter. Extra service, lower costs.

Ease of use

  • Many authentication options
  • Use of the Keynius app
  • Fixed and flexible users


  • Innovative cloud software

  • Manage online via Keynius
  • Historical and live reports



  • AVG-proof system

  • Encrypted software
  • High quality lockers     


24/7 pick-up service

With a pharmacy locker system, your customers can pick up prescriptions at a time of their choosing.


The most common AIS Pharmacom can be easily integrated and linked to smart locker Keynius platform .

Link with any system

Keynius can be linked to any other pharmacy information system (AIS), such as Pharmacom, Recipe Location, Loxis and all other custom links. Indispensable to use customer data and patient files.

Insight into current status

Administrators always have a current (and historical) overview via the management software for the Keynius lockers overview of the status of recipes to be collected.

Payment options

Keynius can be integrated with a payment platform. This allows customers to pay in advance online or pay for the prescription via a payment terminal at the electronic lockers.

Prevents mistakes

Our software has been developed and secured down to the smallest detail. The entire process, from scanning a prescription to collection by the customer, is designed in such a way that no incorrect prescriptions can be issued.

Increase the service

With a fully automated pharmacy locker system, where customers can collect their prescription 24/7, you significantly increase the service compared to your competitors.

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