Delivery and collection of orders via a locker system

With an electronic click & collect locker system, your customers can easily collect orders from a locker wall. This gives them control over their order, without hassle, at the perfect time and extremely safe. Click & collect can be used in any sector, whether this is a wholesaler, local butcher's shop (sure, refrigerated lockers!) or a gas station. Deliver great service to your customers and save on your costs.

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Ease of use

  • Many authentication options
  • Use of the Keynius app
  • Fixed and flexible users


  • Innovative cloud software
  • Manage online via Keynius
  • Historical and live reports



  • AVG proof system
  • Encrypted software
  • High quality lockers


Additional service 24/7

With a click & collect locker system, you offer your customers the option of collecting ordered products at a time that suits them.

More satisfied customers

Customers don't have to worry about missing a delivery. Nor do they have to pay extra costs for shipping costs. And you can also hand in a package here!

Contactless transfer

Parcel lockers ensure a safe and contactless transfer of the item to be picked up by the customer. As a result, you do not need a supervisor or staff to check the handling.


Customers can identify themselves at the locker wall, for example with a PIN code, QR code or via the smartphone app, after which the locker intended for them will open for collection.

Multiple purposes at the same time

Each locker wall can be set up for different purposes. For example, part can be used for click & collect and another part of the lockers for storing personal belongings of shoppers, for example.

For indoor and outdoor

The sturdy, solid and beautiful lockers can even be supplied in an outdoor version. Now that's all 24/7 service!

Cooled or heated

Lockers can be equipped with cooling or heating. For example, perishable (food) products can also be stored at the right temperature for collection.

Lower your costs

With the flexibility of parcel lockers you not only provide extra service, but you also save on personnel costs or delivery costs.

Central locker management

The management of the lockers (authentication, authorization, communication) is done centrally via the online software Keynius. Administrators simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop.


Keynius is the innovative software for central locker management and use of the lockers (locker management). You use Keynius via a so-called SAAS installation (Software as a Service).

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