Delivery conditions

Regular delivery
  • The delivery charges shown apply to delivery on the ground floor, behind the first door.
  • We do not normally place products on a floor or designated area. For delivery to a floor other than the ground floor or placement beyond the first door, please contact us. We will then provide you with a suitable quotation for the additional costs.
  • Deliveries without a specific time agreement are made on working days between 08:00 and 17:00.
  • Is delivery at a specific time required? Please contact us for a suitable offer for the additional costs.
Conditions for regular delivery
  • The delivery location must be easily accessible for a bus or truck via a paved road
  • We also deliver to the Wadden Islands but only on request
  • We will always contact you in advance to discuss the exact delivery moment
  • Please note that we are unfortunately forced to charge the delivery costs if no-one is present at the agreed time of delivery
Conditions for placement on site
  1. The client must ensure accessibility to the access door by means of a paved road
  2. Internal access to the construction site must be possible, so that our employees can carry out their work without interruption
  3. In the case of placement on a storey, there must be sufficient space and a lift or suitable equipment for vertical transport, unless otherwise agreed. In addition, the stairway passage must be wide enough for the objects to be placed to be manoeuvred through it
  4. If a lift is used, it must be at the full disposal of our employees
  5. The room to be fitted out must be finished, broom clean, empty and dry
  6. The temperature in the room to be fitted out must be at least 15 degrees and no more than 24 degrees
  7. There must be sufficient lighting. In addition, there must be sufficient electrical outlets of 220 Volts within a distance of 10 metres to the workstation
  8. There must be sufficient waste containers for the waste to be deposited, unless this has been agreed otherwise beforehand
  9. In the case of direct delivery from the factory, the temporary storage may be no more than 20 metres from the workstation
  10. The location of pipes in walls and floors must be clearly marked or indicated
  11. The site must be equipped with the necessary lockable, dry storage places for materials and tools
  12. The location must have suitable facilities for our employees, including a toilet and canteen
  13. Any architectural bases for the cabinets to be installed must be level and have a clean, smooth finish
  14. The space in question has been completed structurally and no personal protective measures are required. Safety measures are taken in the form of work shoes. Cabinets can only be installed without a safety helmet, goggles and gloves
  15. Any changes to the assembly to be carried out can only be indicated by the foreman or signed in writing by the client
  16. There must be sufficient parking space on site for loading, unloading and parking at the time of the project. Any fines incurred in the absence of the above will be charged to the client
  17. When installing electronic (wired) locker systems, the necessary data and power points must be connected in advance. Sufficient data points shall be present at every set-up
  18. If the above conditions are not met, unless otherwise agreed, our employees on site may decide to suspend the work. The financial consequences of this are at the client’s expense.
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Delivery & installation

The delivery costs indicated apply to delivery behind the first door on the ground floor.

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Delivery conditions

The delivery charges shown apply to delivery on the ground floor, behind the first door.

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