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Olssen is the exclusive partner for the Netherlands of Keynius, the easiest, most innovative and secure electronic locker locking system. Simple and in many ways to set and manage and for users to operate intuitively via smartphone or display.

Keynius® lockersoftware

Keynius® is an innovative locker management system. The software runs in the cloud on a (extremely well-secured) Microsoft Azure platform. Because of the completely new perspective, Keynius is set up in an incredibly flexible way and therefore suitable for all locker solutions. Get to know the distinctive locking solutions software Keynius®.

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Easy and intuitive

Working with Keynius doesn’t require an expensive server or complicated installation: because Keynius is a cloud solution, a standard internet connection is enough to manage your locker solution. User can easily reserve and use their lockers via the app, online, or at the terminal.

The best specifications.


Keynius is a cloud platform. With the software as a cloud solution, maintaining and updating servers and software are fully outsourced and guaranteed, and your and your users’ data are secured in accordance with the highest standards.

Keynius app

With the Keynius smartphone app (Android and iOS), users can very easily reserve and operate their lockers, and if necessary, pay for them. Also reserving and/or retrieving company resources (equipment, clothing, keys) is also very easy with the app.

Online management

Administrators have full control over the settings and the use of the lockers via the Keynius online platform. Here, they can also easily take care of things such as rental administration, asset management, and stock management of the locker products.

Every authentication

Registration and use of your lockers can be set up in many ways, for example with RFID (tag), pin code, FaceID, fingerprint or QR code. You choose whether users can use the terminal in the locker wall, the app, online use, or a combination for this.

Every kind of use

With Keynius you can easily configure your lockers for any type of use: with assigned or flexible lockers, known or anonymous users, with payment options for sale or rental of products, and for example with stock management of the products.

API integrations

With an API data link to your own (user) management software, you can easily integrate and handle user management. There are standard APIs available for commonly used applications, and APIs can also be tailor-made.


The online platform gives you a quick and easy overview of the use of your lockers, and you can view and download reports yourself. You can compile the reports for historical data or for the current real-time situation.

Locker software for use in every situation and locker system

Thanks to Keynius’ flexible structure, it can be used for every type of locker solution. Whether you are currently only using your locker wall for storing personal belongings, or for example for lending and managing expensive equipment, Keynius makes it easy.

Control and flexibility with every type of use and authentication

With Keynius, you set up your locker solution in the way that is best for your situation: with (a combination of) fixed, flexible, or anonymous locker use and with any type or combination of authentication, such as RFID, pin code, fingerprint, FaceID, or via the app.

Easy online management with full insight into use

All locker functions are configurable in the Keynius online platform. Reports can be requested and real-time data are visible in the dashboard. The administration for locker rental and deposits for example is also easy to track.

Excellent security and always up-to-date

You use the locker management software in the cloud, via an extremely well-secure (Azure) platform. In addition to excellent security, this also means ease of use and cost savings on every type of system management or maintenance.

The convenient Keynius app puts every locker in the palm of your hand! Download it in the stores.

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