Steel is most commonly used for lockers in changing rooms, cloakrooms, schools, wharehouses and events. Because it can be supplied in different thicknesses, a steel locker is as strong or light as desired. The thickness can vary from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm. Additional door profiles can also be installed to make the lockers 'vandal-proof'. Reinforced doors and thicker steel are used, especially in schools and for cloakrooms. A combination of steel cabinets with plastic doors is also available.

Steel lockers are available in many colors and can easily be stickered or sprayed in a special design.

Our metal lockers are made from at least 90% recycled steel. lockers made of completely recycled steel is also possible. During production, a lot of attention is paid to environmentally friendly products and as little waste as possible, for example in powder coating.


With our solid-core lockers and wardrobes, we offer storage options of the highest quality. Solid core / HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a material that offers several advantages.

Lockers and wardrobes made of this material are therefore ideal for changing rooms in fitness centers, sports clubs, hospitals and industrial companies, for example, but also work well in office environments. Moisture resistant, easy to maintain, indestructible and hygienic are the key words for solid core lockers.


Olssen is the Netherlands and Belgium's leading supplier of wooden lockers. These are mainly sold on a project basis to offices, government agencies and modern changing rooms. We offer our wooden lockers with different types of wood, decors (colors) and sizes. We supply lockers in melamine, MDF and Trespa / HPL wood.

Our wooden locker cabinets work best in offices, changing rooms in fitness centers, for example, and other areas where luxury and a beautiful appearance are central. We also offer wooden lockers made from 100% circular wood. Take a look at our circular lockers for more information.


New in our locker range are the Olssen plastic lockers. The biggest advantage of plastic lockers is that they can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The plastic lockers are easy to expand thanks to a simple coupling system, which is incorporated as standard in the lockers.

Just like the metal locker, these models can also be provided with all kinds of different locking options. Each locker is equipped with useful extras on the inside of the door, such as a storage compartment, hook and towel rack. In addition, all edges of the plastic lockers are rounded, so that no one can get hurt if someone bumps into the locker.

Old textiles

The inspiring Rezign® Veneer is made from textile waste, such as old denim, army clothing, suits and white denim. But also from biobased fibers, such as flax, hemp and jute coffee bags. The fibers are first shredded into small pieces and then carded into felt. The felt is ultimately pressed into a hard veneer with a biodegradable binder of potato or corn starch. A recycled veneer that is ideal for new high-quality products.

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