Make your lockers even smarter and more convenient

Our locker systems can be used in many different ways for many different applications. With the additional functionalities you can expand or further refine your locker solution.

Card reader

Do you use a pass or tag in your organization? Then you can choose to install a card reader so that your users can easily operate their locker by holding their card, pass or tag near the reader.

Payment options

Your locker wall can easily be expanded with an ATM. We offer standard solutions for this and help you with the application process with the payment provider.
Paying for a locker is also easy with Keynius Online, for example via iDeal or credit card (both in advance and on site). You can easily set up and manage this yourself.

Power and USB connection

Do you want to charge your laptop, smartphone or bicycle battery while it is safely stored in the locker? No problem! Each locker can easily be provided with a connection for power or USB-A. Also very useful for company assets, especially because with the Keynius smart locker system you can choose to only issue charged equipment for use.

Shine a light

Lockers can also easily be expanded with lighting: automatic interior lighting - in the locker itself - or a status LED on the outside to show, for example, the availability of a locker.

Curious about our smart lockers?

Easily book a live demo at your location! With our special demo case we would like to show you how easy, flexible and smart our lockers are to use and manage.


You may already be familiar with our anti-bacterial coating on the locker doors. But did you know that you can also easily keep the inside of the locker bacteria-free by opting for an add-on of UV-C light? ?

Detection sensors

You can also equip the lockers with sensors, for example to detect items. For example, you can see at a glance (in your dashboard) which lockers are (not yet) empty, or have all empty lockers opened automatically.


With the innovative Keynius locker software you always have an overview of which articles or products have been issued, and therefore also what exactly the stock in the lockers is.

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