Full control over your shared assets.

With our locker systems for key & asset management you can lend your company assets - tools, keys, telephones, etc. - to your employees in a controlled manner. Every user action is automatically saved so that you always have insight into who is using an item and where your products are located. This way you will never lose business assets again, work will be more efficient, damage will be demonstrably reduced and you will save costs.

Central locker management

The management of lockers and users (authentication, authorization, communication) is done centrally via Keynius online. Administrators simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop.

Book in advance

Sometimes it is useful if users can pre-book certain assets. This is also easily possible with the Keynius locker software. Pleasant for your employees, and you keep full control over the items to be borrowed.

User friendly

Reserving, claiming, using and leaving a locker is optimally user-friendly. Just like the online management of the lockers and users.


In the online management platform, your administrators can easily compile and download real-time and historical reports, for example about the use of the lockers, stock levels (locker level) and rental administration.


With a Drop off & Pick up solution – such as parcel lockers – products can be passed from one person (or company) to another without supervision. E.g. groceries or packages can be deposited in a locker and then collected by the (internal or external) recipient.

Safe and maintenance-free

The Keynius locker software is a cloud solution so that you never again have to work or pay for (purchase or maintain) servers and software, while at the same time you are assured of an extremely secure solution including full end-to-end encryption. That saves a lot of worries and money!

Link your system (API)

Using the many available APIs, you can easily link your own (user) management system – Magister, Microsoft Active Directory, Exact, Afas, etc. – with our innovative cloud software Keynius. This way you can also easily use your own data from your HR or access control system for locker management.

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