Smart issue lockers

By using lockers as distribution points, it is very easy, for example, to have employees collect their company clothing from a locker (it is of course also possible to collect it via the lockers). Or, for example, have the service desk return the repaired laptops via a locker wall. Service and health products – such as face masks – can also be made available via lockers to those you wish to give permission for.


Effortless service

By using our locker solution for the distribution of items, such as company assets, you can effortlessly provide perfect service to employees, visitors, customers and passers-by, without requiring the use of staff.


Full control

You determine who has access to the lockers. For example, only employees, or just everyone who needs it? Registered or anonymous? And of course you also know exactly what the status of your locker stock is.



With the Keynius locker software you determine which method of authentication (access) best suits your situation. E.g. via the terminal (screen) in the locker wall, on the locker with a card or tag, combination lock, fingerprint, pin code, RFID, QR or barcode, bluetooth (BLE), or via the Keynius smartphone app.

Link your system (API)

Using the many available APIs, you can easily link your own (user) management system – Magister, Microsoft Active Directory, Exact, Afas, ServiceNow, etc. – with the locker management software. This way you can also easily use your own data from your HR, stock or access control system for locker management.

Central locker management

The management of lockers and users (authentication, authorization, communication) is done centrally via Keynius online. Here you also keep track of the status of the articles that are available via the lockers (locker stock management). Administrators simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop.


Payment options

You can choose to make items available without payment, or you can charge users. This can be done on the spot via PIN, via the smartphone app, on account, or via an employee account, for example.


Manage locker inventory

With the innovative Keynius locker software you always have an overview of which articles or products have been issued, and therefore also what exactly the stock in the lockers is.


Safety guaranteed

Olssen offers excellent security, both for the items in your lockers and for the data. Not only our lockers are extremely solid, the Keynius software is also extremely solid, for example with end-to-end encryption.



In the online management software, your administrators can easily compile and download real-time and historical reports, for example about the use of the lockers, stock levels (locker level) and sales administration.


User friendly

Removal, payment if necessary and possibly. returning articles and products is also very simple and user-friendly. This also applies to the online management of the lockers, articles and users.


Cloud solution

The Keynius locker software is a cloud solution (plug & play!) so that you never again have to work or pay for (purchase or maintain) servers and software, while at the same time you are assured of an extremely secure solution with complete end-to-end encryption. That saves a lot of worries and money!


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