We are Olssen.

Driven by the ambition to provide the most beautiful and intelligent locker solutions over the whole world. Uncompromising in developing the most innovative locker solutions. Proud of our people, our customers, and the many beautiful projects we have delivered together. Reliable, durable, and committed. We are Olssen.


When we founded our company in 2004, we could never had imagined that there would be so many convenient, intelligent, and distinctive ways to use lockers. Of course, lockers remain ideal for secure and easy storage of personal belongings. But by now we also know that the right locking solution can save a lot of work, offer a lot of extra service to customers, employees and visitors, for example, and automate many processes and ultimately save a lot of money.

Olssen founders

Rene de Bruin
Leo de Bruin
Cees de Bruin
Arjan de Bruin

By now there are thousands of Olssen lockers in the Benelux and this number is growing quickly. Our customers use their locker solutions, for example, for selling flowers, as parcel lockers, for the controlled lending of keys, tools and other business assets, for collecting and distributing IT products, for providing dry-cleaning services and much, much more.

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Meet the team.

Our beautiful and ambitious plans for the future… we can of course only achieve this with the best team of employees. And preferably a journey towards them which is as enjoyable as possible!


Sustainable and respectful entrepreneurship

Taking good care of your surroundings, the environment, your people… As a family company, it’s self-explanatory to not only work on ‘tomorrow’, but also the following decade. That’s why we work in a sustainable way and with respect for all living things.



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