Respectful entrepreneurship for a better world

How do you leave the world for your children and grandchildren? More beautiful, better, healthier, safer and more pleasant, if it were up to us. For a family business like Olssen, this is something we naturally deal with every day. What things can we improve for the people we work with? How can we deal more sustainably with raw materials and logistics, for example? In short, what can we do to take good care of each other and the world.

People & working environment

  • Our labor policy is naturally inclusive and 'who you are' is more important than 'papers'.

  • We invest in training, a healthy and safe working environment and good pay. As a recognized training company, we also do this for young people.

  • Our office is completely self-sufficient in green energy (we even supply back to the network), with e.g. fully electric climate control and LED lamps. motion detection.

Products & materials

  • All lockers are produced from materials that are free of heavy metals (limit values ​​cf. EN 71-3), are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and also the powder coating is 100% solvent-free (and recyclable).

  • During production – in our own factories in the EU – there are no water or air emissions, or use of chemical products from the 'List of black substances'.


  • All steel consists of maximum recycled raw material.

  • It goes without saying that we only use high-quality and robust materials.

Logistics & packaging

  • We drive as cleanly as possible: electric but at least Euro 6.

  • This also applies to our regular logistics partner who often drives electrically and even on hydrogen.

  • By keeping the planning in our own hands, we prevent empty km. Where possible, we transport as much as possible directly to our customers.

  • We only use recycled – but as little as possible – packaging material and only use reusable pallets that we take back.

Reuse & recycling

  • We process all our waste in separate waste streams so that as much as possible can be recycled.

  • We take back products at the end of their lifespan free of charge and try to give them a second life.

  • By delivering only excellent quality with an extensive warranty period and long-term supply of replacement parts, our products last a long time.

  • Our lockers consist of separate components that can be easily recycled after disassembly. All steel components are also 100% recyclable.

ISO quality and environmental management system

We guarantee our high quality standards with our ISO certifications: process safety and quality management cf. ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

EcoVadis certified

After ISO 9001 and 14001, Olssen now also has the EcoVadis certificate. EcoVadis is an international quality system that tests companies in the field of CSR/sustainability management.

CO² performance ladder

Because not only we, but also our clients are making increasingly higher demands in the field of sustainability, we want to show that we do not just make statements about this, but take concrete steps. We have therefore taken up the goal of testing the amount of CO² we emit, in addition to our ISO and EcoVadis certifications. We do this using the CO² performance ladder.

Our goal is to end up on step 3 of the CO² performance ladder. This means that we have a good insight into our CO2 emissions and what causes them. To reduce our emissions, we keep an eye on what is going on in the industry, so that we can join good initiatives.

We will be transparent about our efforts in this area and offer reports for inspection via our website.

Code of Conduct

To ensure that we at Olssen apply internationally recognized human rights and take responsibility for the environment, we ask our suppliers for a code of conduct. If we find that one of our suppliers does not comply with this code, we will discontinue cooperation with this party.

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