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Quality, Safety & sustainability

Working in a sustainable way with respect for all living things. Not just for ‘tomorrow’, but for the coming decades as well. Safe products, the highest quality standards, being a good employer, and honest, principled entrepreneurship are inherent to this

Respectful entrepreneurship for a better world

How will you leave the world behind for your children and grandchildren? More beautiful, better, healthier, safer, and nicer, if you ask us. For a family business like Olssen, it’s something we naturally work on every day. What can we improve for the people we work with? How can we manage resources and logistics in a more sustainable way? In short, what can we do ourselves to take good care of ourselves and the world?

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Our focus on sustainability, quality & safety

People & work environment

  • Our employment policy is of course inclusive and ‘who you are’ is more important than ‘papers’.
  • We invest in training programmes, a safe and healthy work environment, and good pay. As a recognized training company, we also do this for young people.
  • Our office is completely self-sufficient with green power (we even supply back to the network), with for example fully electronic climate control and LED lights with movement detection.

Products & materials

  • All lockers are made of materials which are free of heavy metals (limit values cf. EN 71-3), free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the powder coating is also 100% solvent-free (and recyclable).
  • During production – in our own factories in the EU – there is no water or air emission, or use of chemical products on the ‘blacklist of substances’.
  • All the steel consists of maximally recycled pre-material.
  • Naturally, we only use high-quality and robust materials.

Logistics & packaging

  • We also drive as cleanly as possible: electric but at least Euro 6.
  • This also applies to our regular logistics partner who drives a lot of electric and even hydrogen-powered vehicles.
  • By keeping the planning in our own hands, we prevent empty kilometres. Wherever possible, we transport directly to our customers.
  • We only use recycled packaging – as little as possible – and only use reusable pallets which are returned to us.

Reuse & recycling

  • We process all our waste in separated waste flows so that as much of it can be recycled as possible.
  • We take back products at the end of their lives free of charge and try to give them a second life.
  • Because we only supply excellent quality with a generous guarantee period and provide replacement parts for a long time, our products have a long lifespan.
  • Our lockers consist of separate components which can easily be recycled after disassembly. All steel components are also 100% recyclable.


And finally: we have ensured our high standards of quality with our ISO certification: process safety and quality management cf. ISO 9001


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