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De Ring van Putten, also abbreviated to ‘De Ring’, is a public school for different levels of education. De Ring is a colorful school and has approximately 1,300 students who can develop and prepare here for their future career.


The colored lockers that Olssen has placed throughout the school fit in well with the interior and appearance of the school. The locker walls are all equipped with sloping roofs/dust tops and high skirting boards so that no bags and other items can be placed on or under the lockers. This ensures a tidy environment.


The electronic school lockers are equipped with the Keynius locker system. Students can operate their personal locker with the Kenyius locker App, or via the central terminal screens where students can present/scan their school pass and open their locker. The administrator always and everywhere has full control over the use, functions and settings of the lockers via the online locker management platform.

Keynius is unique locker software that can transform a standard locker setup into a smart and innovative electronic locker system with numerous options and functions.

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