Electronic HPL lockers

Grozette B.V. is active in more than 30 different coutries and produces a range of cheese products for the food industrie and food service. For their production facility in Woerden, They decided to place new lockers. The employees at Grozette can now safely store their personal belongings while performing their job. Grozette is in the food industry, they require a high threshold of hygiene. To meet the hygiene requirement, the material chose for all the lockers were HPL. This is a very strong and sterile material that is easily cleaned and can be coated with an antibacterial layer.


All of the lockers are connected with the Keynius locker system. Employees can gain access to the lockers with the 8 inch Keynius Smarty terminal or with their existing Mifare card. Through the Online portal, administrators can configure all the features and possibilities of the lockers, view realtime locker use, add new users and block lockers or users. These are just a few examples of what administrators can do, the Keynius locker software provides a lot more features for the administrator and users.

Keynius is the unique locker software that can turn any standard locker wall into a smart and innovative electronic locker system that offers a vast number of features and possibilities

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