Electronic school lockers

Olssen is very satisfied with the recently completed project at the Maerlant High School in Brielle. More than 750 electronic lockers are in use today by the students.


The electronic locker system consists of several set-ups with a total of 780 lockers. The students can use their personal locker via mifare access passes, after being registered at one of the central terminals. As at almost every school, the pupils of Maerlant High School have their own permanent locker during the school year (Assigned use).


When the students arrive at one of the central terminals, they can present the Mifare access card and choose to open their locker. The pupils also use the Mifare access passes for other facilities within the school, so the locker system is linked to the current access passes. Thanks to a link between the Magister student monitoring system and the electronic locker system, the administrators have insight into and an overview of the locker usage.

Thanks to our unique locker management platform, school lockers are easy to manage and administrators always have full control over the lockers.

Electronic school lockers

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