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013 Poppodium located in Tilburg is a popular location where events like concerts regularly take place. 013 Poppodium has chosen for a completely new electronic locker system to provide their visitors with a place to safely and easily store their belongings. The over 1600 lockers make sure that there is enough space for even the biggest events that take place at Poppodium.


013 Poppodium has chosen for an event locker solution, so when visitors want to claim a locker, they go through the following steps:

– Scan QR code on the locker wall to be redirected to the website.
– Fill in form, including their email address.
– Pay for the locker (users can chose from multiple payment methods).
– After payment, the user can operate the locker on the website.
– The user gets an email with which they can also operate their locker with.

The lockers for this project have been equipped with the Keynius locker system. A unique, innovative and very flexible locker software.

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