In the C.RO Ports locker room Olssen has installed steel lockers which are fitted with cylinder locks. Thanks to the mounted sloping roofs, users cannot leave any items on the locker, ensuring a tidy environment. The benches underneath are comfortable and can be used when C.RO employees need to change.

Lockers en garderobekasten kunnen ook worden voorzien van standaard cilindersloten, zoals de garderobekasten in de kleedruimte van C.RO Ports. Het nadeel hiervan is wel dat de gebruikers altijd een sleutel met zich mee dragen waarvan de kans aanwezig is dat deze kwijtraakt. Instead of using electronic locks, lockers and wardrobes can also be fitted with standard cylinder locks, such as the wardrobes in the C.RO Ports locker room. The disadvantage, however, is that users will always have to carry a key with them, which they may also lose.

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