Find out how to make your lockers smart

Can your lockers still last a while, but aren't smart? Not to worry: with a simple upgrade, you can now also use smart locker solutions for e.g. storage, rental, lending, dispensing and sales. All you need is our smart lock, in combination with our smart locker software.

The basics: the smart lock

Don't be fooled by the seemingly simple design of our battery locks in Pin code and RFID versions. With these products too, Keynius has reinvented smart locking! Thanks to BLE (Bluetooth low energy) the locks can be controlled and programmed via an App. So you can easily provide the locks with a pin code and assign it to 1 or more users or link the company card of an employee to a lock without needing the card.

Assembling the locks is so easy that you can do it yourself - but of course we are happy to do it for you.

The mastermind: the Keynius locker system

Keynius is the innovative and flexible locker management system that allows lockers to be conveniently and flexibly deployed for a wide range of locker solutions.
Both using and managing the lockers is simple and intuitive, and can be done either online, through the smartphone app or on the soten itself.

Try out yourself

Convince yourself: with our demo case, we will gladly come and show you how easy and fun the Keynius solution works. We will bring our lockers-on-mini-format so you can "turn the knobs" to your heart's content.

Choose one of our smart locking products

Keynius Smart Locking: smart, easy, flexible

See for yourself in a few minutes how smart and convenient the Keynius solution works for users and administrators

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