Smart locking from Keynius®

Olssen is an exclusive partner of Keynius®, the innovative and flexible locker management system that makes lockers convenient and easy to use for a wide range of locker solutions. Get to know the state-of-the-art software and extremely innovative hardware.

Smart locking software

Using and managing your smart lockers is simple and intuitive with Keynius' smart software. Completely in the cloud, so no more hassle with servers, updates and maintenance. And extremely safe according to Azure's most stringent security requirements.

The Keynius software is available on PC, smartphone app, touchscreen in the locker wall and online. Managing the lockers, users and locker items is child's play with the intuitive settings, dashboards and reports.

You can also easily link Keynius to your own management system with one of the many available APIs.

Keynius Smart Locking: flexible, intuitive and scalable

See for yourself in a few minutes how smart and convenient the Keynius solution works for users and administrators

For every industry and application

Keynius smart locking is used in more than 50 countries, in many industries and for a variety of applications. In offices, employees use their own locker, the IT department has a number of lockers for issuing laptops, packages for employees are delivered and collected at the reception locker wall and visitors can safely store their coats in the same reception locker wall. In the catering and event sector, visitors can reserve and pay for a locker with a simple QR scan. Keynius also offers the simplest and most workable storage option for schools and other sectors.

Revolutionarily simple

With the Keynius locking system, Olssen can plug & all its smart locker walls. deliver play. All that is needed is a power and internet connection! Keynius developed an extremely smart device for this: the Keynius Smart Home, an IOT controller. With the Smart Home Teacher you lay the foundation for connecting your smart lockers. By linking Smart Homes, up to 4,096 locks can be operated with the same system. 

Meet our smart locks

A true revolution in smart locks: Keynius developed an extremely innovative lock, impressive in all its simplicity and possibilities. Did you know that each lock can be software set to both Push2Open and Pop2Open? This makes Keynius unique in the market. 

In addition, the lock can be provided with a cover with lighting and USB A/C connection, and/or a status LED on the door. This means that useful extensions can easily be added later. Handy and smart!

The wired lock ('Rene') can be supplied with a beautiful cover ('Suit') that can even be provided with your company logo as desired.

Keynius has recently also started supplying battery locks (Smart lock LEO) with RFID or PIN operation. If desired, these battery locks can be included in a wired Keynius system. Click here for more information. 

Would you like an additional touchscreen?

Operating the smart lockers is fun and easy via the smartphone app or online. But of course you can offer your users extra convenience by placing a touchscreen in the locker wall, possibly expanded with a card reader. Our Smarty touchscreens are available in various sizes, but they are all equally robust and handy. 

Would you like to expand your locker with additional functionalities?

Payment functionality, card reader, USB connection… the list of extra options for your locker is quite extensive! 

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