Smart lockers for storage and distribution

There are many applications in industrial companies where locker systems can optimize work and reduce operating costs. For example, we offer smart storage solutions where employees can store their private and work clothing and locker systems for the controlled lending of (company) materials to employees. The latter reduces operating costs because there is always insight into who has borrowed a certain type of tool or good from the company. Our smart electronic locker systems offer numerous functions and options with optimal ease of use for both the manager(s) and the user(s).

Ease of use

  • Lots of authentication options
  • Using the Keynius App
  • Fixed and flexible users


  • Innovative cloud software

  • Manage online via Keynius
  • Historical and Live Reports



  • AVG-proof system

  • Encrypted software
  • High quality cabinets



Any form of locker authentication can be set up with Keynius, for example via a pass or tag, combination lock, fingerprint, pin code (via the terminal), RFID, QR or barcode, Bluetooth (BLE) or the smartphone app.

Central locker management

The management of lockers and users (authentication, authorization, communication) is done centrally via the online software Keynius. Administrators simply log in via the browser on their PC or laptop.

Smartphone app

Users can perform all common actions with the Keynius smartphone app (Android and IOS), such as reserving lockers, renting them, opening them, etc. pay and close.


Keynius is the innovative software for central locker management and use of the lockers (locker management). You use Keynius via a highly secure cloud platform.

Book in advance

Users can make a reservation in advance for a specific tool or asset that they want to borrow. This can easily be done via the Keynius smartphone app.

Always insightful

Via the Keynius platform, the administrator can always see which user has borrowed a certain business asset, when this was done and whether the person has also returned it.

Power supply

Lockers can be equipped with power supplies. This allows rechargeable devices or equipment to be recharged immediately so that the next user does not find an empty device.

Link your system

Keynius can link to an Active Directory or your access control system. This way your employees can continue to use any current staff passes or tags to operate the lockers.

Adjust settings

Via Keynius, administrators can adjust various functions and settings related to locker use, such as time settings for borrowing equipment, or blocking, adding and removing users.

User reports

The administrator has anytime, anywhere access to real-time and historical (user) reports via Keynius online. As a result, you always have insight into who, what, where and when, regarding the use and borrowing of company goods.

Multiple purposes

Each locker wall can be set up for different purposes. For example, part can be used for issuing/loaning (company) equipment and another part of the lockers for storing personal belongings.

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