Electronic lockers

Electronic lockers

Electronic lockers are the solution

Olssen has been a specialist in supplying various types of electronic locker solutions for years. The possibilities are very large and Olssen has a solution for every problem. Electronic lockers are primarily about the functionality of the locker system. For example, we supply locker systems to companies in which employees are constantly working with tools and products. This locker system can ensure that it can be checked and assigned who opened which locker and what was taken from the locker. This electronic locker system has been placed at the Dutch Gasunie, among others. Another example of one of our many electronic locker solutions is the Office-Lock® System. This locker system is often purchased and placed in office environments, where employees have their own locker and can open it through an access / staff pass. All our locker systems have a lot of applications, so it is possible to discuss all your wishes and that we can then provide you with a competitive offer.

Customization and standard electronic lockers

Our software / electronic locker systems can be applied to all lockers in our range. When applying for a relevant system, it is therefore primarily about the functionality, before looking at the appearance of the lockers. The images above show that different types of lockers can be used with the different electronic locker systems. The Office-Lock® example may as well be applied to the lockers shown in the Student-Lock® image. In addition to the choice from our standard room range, it is also possible to provide custom lockers with an electronic system. Our custom lockers come from our Luvio series, these are wooden lockers that can be custom made with the choice of many colors and possibilities. Each system can be applied to our custom lockers, whether Office-Lock®, Student-Lock® or Med-Lock®. Olssen has the solution for every problem or wish.

Examples of Olssen's electronic locker system

Are you looking for electronic lockers with a specific function? Then you are at the right place at Olssen. In addition to the enormous possibilities, we can give the best advice for your 'problem' through our experience. In recent years we have supplied a wide range of high-quality custom lockers with electronic systems, including at the KLM, British school, Tommy Hilfiger and the Reinier de Graaf hospital. Possible electronic locker solutions:

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