Wooden lockers

Wooden lockers from Olssen

To make it clear, we have divided our large range of wooden lockers into different categories. Each category contains wooden lockers which have different properties compared to the other categories. The differences between the categories are explained in the following paragraph. The wooden locker cabinets are mainly sold on a project basis to offices, government agencies and modern dressing rooms. The many possibilities and color combinations provide a unique range of wooden lockers. We offer the wooden lockers with different types of wood, materials, decors (colors) and dimensions. Olssen is the supplier of wooden lockers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to our standard range, we can also realize beautiful custom projects with our own Luvio lockers , which are produced by ourselves. Due to the different types of wood in our range, there is something for everyone. For example, we supply melamine, MDF and Trespa / HPL wood. Our wooden locker cabinets come into their own in offices, changing rooms of, for example, fitness centers and other beautiful offices where luxury and a beautiful appearance are central.

The differences between the wooden lockers

Luvio lockers (see category) are produced in our own wood factory and offer the most customization options. When we enter a project where we think we have to use custom or special dimensions / colors, we will use the Luvio lockers. We can supply Luvio lockers in different types of wood, such as melamine, MDF and HPL. Each variety has its own characteristics and quality, so it is up to you which variety you choose, in which our specialists only play an advisory role. The Luvio lockers can be provided with a lot of colors (decors) from the Egger collection. If you are interested in custom solutions or standard luvio wooden lockers. Request a quote without obligation or let one of our sales staff advise you.

The Evolo lockers are unlike luvio lockers a durable steel cabinet and wooden doors. The doors are available in MDF or HPL MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), as it were, wood fibers and glue that are pressed together into a sturdy wood plate. HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is pressed many times stronger, making HPL doors much stronger than MDF. HPL lockers are therefore more expensive than lockers with MDF doors. Evolo lockers are beautifully finished and have inset doors which are available in a number of different colors. Evolo lockers have standard dimensions with no customization options.

Cambio wooden lockers are rebated with luxury lockers and into every detail perfectly finished. The Cambio series wooden lockers have a more luxurious appearance than the Evolo lockers and are produced with even more precision. Where Luvio lockers are suitable for customization, this is not possible with the Cambio series, here as with Evolo, a standard range is available. The doors of the Cambio series are standard equipped with door opening limiters. HPL is the only type of wood available from Cambio. In combination with the durable steel conversion and luxurious bases, these wooden locker cabinets are sufficient in beautiful (office) spaces and the more luxurious dressing areas.

The last category is a collection of all series. However, these are only wooden wardrobes / clothing lockers. These models have long doors (no compartments) with hanging options and shelves. Wardrobes are also ideal for changing rooms where customers or staff have to hang up clothes (work clothes) at all times.