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With this smart electronic locker system, products, tools or equipment within an organization can be easily lent, whereby the administrator always has insight into who is using what, at what time. Employees will therefore handle the borrowed items more carefully.

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Know who borrows someting

Product release lockers

Ubilock contains the functions and possibilities for a modern and smart product distribution locker system. Such a locker system is ideal for companies where employees are constantly working with tools / products. The product distribution locker system ensures that it is possible to view and assign, who opened which locker and what was taken from the locker. When using this locker system, employees can therefore pick up controlled equipment / tools, always supervising whether the equipment / tools used are also properly placed back. When something is lost, it is always possible to see (by the administrator) who last used the relevant tool.

Employees can choose which locker they want to open via a (terminal) via a central terminal (Touchscreen). It is also possible to provide the terminal with certain icons of, for example, tools, so that users can click on the type of tools / equipment they want to borrow, after which the locker concerned will open. The locker system then knows exactly who opened the locker and at what time this happened. This way, administrators always have a clear overview of usage. The users can easily indicate via the central screen whether they will pick up or return something, this will all be controlled by the locker management software.

Advantages of a product distribution locker system

o No loss of equipment or tools
o Cost effective thanks to safe and structural storage
o Employees will handle things more carefully
o The administrator has full control

The locker system can be applied to all lockers in our range. The look of the lockers can be fully arranged according to your wishes. Product outfit lockers usually use lockers with transparent doors, so that the contents can be viewed from the outside.

Important functions that can be integrated into the locker system

o Track & Trace of expensive assets that are lent:
This way you always have insight into where a particular loaned product is located.

o Operation of the lockers of your choice:
PIN code, RFID access card, fingerprint, QR code, Barcode

o Linking of your choice:
HR, Access Control, Ware House Management Systems and Planning systems


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Know who borrows someting

Functions & possibilities


Our system can link to an Active directory or your access control system. This way your employees can continue to use any current personnel cards.

Always in control

The administrator can view the history and use of the lockers at any time. Who borrowed what and when did this happen.

Change permissions

The administrator can add, remove, block or grant additional rights to users via the locker management software.

Authentication options

Lockers can be opened and operated the way you want; badge, tag, (existing) staff card, pin code, RF-ID card, QR code, Barcode, Smartphone or finger scan.

Cloud management

As an administrator you can log in to the online platform of the locker system, in which you can manage the lockers. This can be done on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Power supply

The lockers can be equipped with a power point, so that equipment or tools can be charged.

Detection rails

Detection rails can be placed in the lockers, so the system knows immediately whether there is something in the locker.

Package issue

This locker system can also be used for dispensing packages.

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