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The Ubilock Electronic locker system has the functions and possibilities to offer your customers the possibility to have their medication collected 24/7. The electronic pharmacy lockers can be installed indoors and are fully automated. Ubilock increases the service in your pharmacy.

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24/ 7 medicine release lockers

Your challenge
Thanks to the special pharmacy module, the advanced 24/7 Ubilock locker system is very suitable for placing in pharmacies. The locker system then serves as a medicine delivery system, which entails various advantages. Waiting times at the counter often have a negative impact on your customers, with a drug dispensing locker system these waiting times are shortened. This also gives more time for personal contact for customers who are at the counter. The entire dispensing process is designed to prevent wrong medicines from being dispensed. You also give the option that customers can pick up their prescription 24/7, even if there are no pharmacy employees present.

Our solution
24/7 accessibility is hard to imagine in today's society. With the Ubilock pharmacy locker system, your customers have the opportunity to pick up prescriptions when it suits them. The fully automated locker system increases service, shortens waiting times at the counter, saves costs and is very flexible due to the choice of different compartment sizes. The Ubilock locker system also has the option to link to your website, so your customers can order a prescription online, possibly pay in advance and pick up the prescription in the pharmacy lockers when ready. As an administrator you have access to the locker management system anytime and anywhere. Here you will immediately see all statistics and data regarding locker use and income.

Leading in lockers
Olssen specializes in high-tech electronic locker systems. We supply both the software and the hardware and provide a complete solution from A to Z. The pharmacy lockers can be delivered completely according to your wishes, dimensions, colors, possibilities and functions can be fully customized. At the bottom of this page you can download our pharmacy lockers brochure, which details the exact functioning of the locker system and how customers can order and collect medicines.

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Extra service & less costs

Functions & possibilities

The Ubilock locker system has many functions and possibilities, see the overview below


The Ubilock locker system can link to any other pharmacy information system. This means that customer data and the electronic patient record can continue to be used.

Prevents mistakes

The Ubilock software has been worked out in great detail. The entire process, from scanning the recipe to retrieving it, is designed in such a way that no wrong recipes are issued.

Always transparent

The administrator (s) always has an up-to-date insight into the status of recipes to be retrieved via the locker management software. The administrator (s) can log in and view current statistics via the Cloud.

Recipe location

Recipe location can be linked to the Ubilock locker system by default. This is a must for almost every pharmacist.

Payment platform

Ubilock integrates with a payment platform. This allows customers to pay in advance via a website or to pay for the recipe via a payment terminal at the lockers.

Increase the service

With a fully automated locker system that is available to your customers 24/7, you significantly increase the service.

Shorter waiting times

With medicine release lockers, you can avoid waiting times at the counter because customers can pick up their prescriptions without the help of an employee.


The complete software package and the appearance of the lockers can be composed to your liking.

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Download our brochure

Would you like to know more about our electronic locker system for pharmacies? Then view our brochure. It contains more information about all functions and possibilities regarding this locker system.

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