Shop & collect system

With the Shop & Collect locker system from Olssen, your customers can place an order in the store or online and pick up the product at a different date and time 24/7 when it is ready in the locker. This locker system is already used at airports but can be used for many more situations.

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Shop & collect

With the shop & collect locker system, you offer your customers an extra service in the field of 24/7 picking up (online) orders at a time specified by the customer. This locker system is mainly found in locations such as airports such as Schiphol, where our shop and collect locker system is located in arrival hall 1. Passengers who make a purchase at Schiphol before they leave with their flight can choose to pick up their purchase after they have returned from their destination. The shop and collect locker system works 24/7, giving your customers the opportunity to actually choose the ideal pick-up time, whether at night or during the day.

How does it work?

When someone makes a purchase in an online webshop or at a store at the relevant location, the customer can indicate that he or she wishes to collect the purchase at a later time. The cashier or employee of the store records the indicated collection time from the customer in the system. When this moment approaches, the customer can optionally be informed by SMS that his or her purchase is ready in one of the lockers. Via a (bar) code, the customer can identify himself at the locker wall and the correct locker can be opened where the purchase has been deposited.


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Functions & possibilities

The shop & collect locker system has several functionalities and possibilities. Below is a brief overview of all benefits and features.

Extra service to your customers

If you have a shop & collect locker system, you can offer your customers an extra service regarding the collection of products.

No extra baggage

With such an airport locker system, passengers have less luggage when they buy something prior to their trip.

Identification at the terminal

Customers who collect their ordered product on the indicated date can identify themselves at the terminal.

Available 24/7 for your customers

The locker system is suitable for customers to pick up their order 24/7. At the desired date and time that they want.

Link with a webshop

In addition to a physical store, our locker system can also link to an online webshop.

Cloud management

As an administrator you can view the use anytime and anywhere and you can manage the lockers via a web application.

Detection in the locker

The lockers can be equipped with detection rails. This way the system always knows whether there is anything in the lockers.

Cooled lockers

We can provide our lockers with a cooling system, which means that products that must remain cold can also be stored.

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Our locker system at Schiphol Airport

Olssen has placed the Shop & Collect locker system in arrivals hall 4 at Schiphol Airport. Passengers who have made purchases at the airport prior to their journey can collect their purchases from the locker system upon their return. Just before arrival, the customer receives a friendly reminder that his or her order is ready to be picked up.

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