Locker locks

Locker lock

Professional storage of things in lockers is not possible without you being able to lock the locker properly with a locker lock. Our wide range of locker locks ensures that there is a wide choice between different locker locks, which can have different functions. Above you can choose from cylinder locks , RFID locks , electrnic pincode locks and drop lock locks. Olssen has a suitable locker lock for every application. We provide our locker cabinets with cylinder locks or rotary knobs with an eye for a padlock as standard. There are various ways to safely store your belongings in a locker. Are you going for the safe cheap solution or do you choose to provide the lockers with electronic pin code locks? If you have no idea which locker lock best suits your environment, please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with information and advice.

Locker locks from Olssen for different users

We regularly supply lockers to fitness centers, swimming pools and universities. For these occasions, code locks are often used to lock the lockers. The advantage of our electronic pin code locks is that they are easily set up for changing or regular users. This means that when someone takes a locker into use, he or she can key in their own PIN and when this person leaves the locker, they are ready for the next user. In this way, the lockers can serve for several people and are therefore ideal for dressing rooms and public places. Our locker locks are of very good quality and in case of problems our remote support department can solve any problems, for example if someone has forgotten the pin code.

RFID locker locks are the future

Our RFID locker locks are very advanced. With our own software developers we can create RFID solutions that can be set up according to your wishes for any occasion. Our intelligent school lockers, care lockers and drop off & pick up lockers are equipped with these advanced RFID locker locks. View our references and be inspired by the many possibilities in the field of locker closures.