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Need workshop cupboards and equipment cupboards? View our wide range above. The workshop cabinets we offer can be placed in different types of environments. We offer small equipment cupboards with shelves, but also large workshop cupboards with extra load capacity. Safety and environmental cabinets belong to this range. The steel workshop cabinets are of excellent quality and guarantee a lot of storage space, sturdy shelves and years of fun. The material cabinets are available in different sizes and colors. The renewed Ergo-Lock closure ensures a practical and very user-friendly closure of the material cabinets. If you want to be able to see in advance where a certain tool is located in the cupboard, we also offer cupboards for materials with transparent doors . The plexiglass doors allow the contents to be seen from the outside, saving time looking for tools or other materials inside the cabinet. We also offer environmental cabinets for the industrial sector. Paint, grease, oils and other hazardous substances can be stored without any problems in these certified environmental cabinets.

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Beautiful A-quality material cabinets, which you will only find at Olssen. Our wide range of material cabinets consists of material cabinets with shelves, material cabinets with extra load capacity , with different layouts and with transparent doors. The steel material cabinets are produced in our factory in Germany and are made of excellent quality. For example, the shelves have a load capacity of approx. 100 kg. The workshop cupboards and material cupboards are available in many different sizes. There are even cupboards with a depth of 60 cm.

Workshop and material cabinets made of durable steel

The Express cabinets are the fastest available after the Basic workshop cabinets. These workshop cabinets are made of a durable steel construction and have a very good door reinforcement. Each shelf can be adjusted by 1.5 cm. So you can determine the layout of the caste yourself. The largest material cupboard in our range is the XXL tool cupboard with shelves. This cabinet has a height of 195 cm, a width of 120 cm and a depth of 80 cm. This enormous material cabinet has a door opening angle of 110 degrees and is equipped with a deru reinforcement. For questions, comments or advice, please feel free to contact us or request a quote using this form. Check out our combi deals and take advantage of the cheap workshop cupboard prices.