Changing rooms

We are proud to present an overview of references from various dressing rooms / locker rooms. Several large and small companies have chosen Olssen's storage solutions, furnishings and electronic locker systems. Each company is unique and has its own wishes regarding the appearance, functions and possibilities of a locker system, so there is a lot of variation between the different projects. On the reference pages you will find more information about the applied products and functionalities of the supplied locker system. Olssen is the specialist in high-tech electronic locker systems.

EU * NTS Norma

NTS Norma

Volkern products Hengelo
EU * Police Ninove
Dressing room

Police Ninove

> 100 Lockers Ninove
EU * C.RO Ports BV
Dressing room

C.RO Ports BV

> 300 Lockers Rotterdam
EU * Feadship Royal van Lent
Dressing room

Feadship Royal van Lent

> 500 Lockers Amsterdam
EU * Municipality of Hardinxveld
Dressing room

Municipality of Hardinxveld

> 40 Lockers Hardinxveld
EU * NS Amersfoort

NS Amersfoort

> 450 Lockers Amersfoort
EU * Municipality of Utrecht
Dressing room

Municipality of Utrecht

> 1000 Lockers Utrecht
EU * Trafiroad
Dressing room


> 100 Lockers Lokeren
EU * Volvo Group Belgium NV
Dressing room

Volvo Group Belgium NV

> 350 Lockers East Flanders
EU * Proseco BV
Dressing room

Proseco BV

> 20 Lockers Katwijk
EU * Flemish Government
Dressing room

Flemish Government

> 80 Lockers Brussels
EU * Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods
Dressing room

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

> 600 Lockers Gorinchem
EU * Rotterdam World Gateway
Dressing room

Rotterdam World Gateway

> 50 Lockers Rotterdam
EU * AXA Insurance
Dressing room

AXA Insurance

> 3000 Lockers Brussels
EU * Melle fire brigade
Dressing room

Melle fire brigade

> 150 Lockers Melle
EU * Koninklijke De Vries
Dressing room

Koninklijke De Vries

> 150 Lockers Aalsmeer
EU * Cycle NV
Dressing room

Cycle NV

> 100 Lockers Murder law
EU * A-Ware Packaging
Dressing room

A-Ware Packaging

Design Almere
EU * Assen fire brigade
Dressing room

Assen fire brigade

> 50 Lockers shafts
EU * ATM Moerdijk
Dressing room

ATM Moerdijk

> 80 Lockers Moerdijk
EU * HJ Heinz
Dressing room

HJ Heinz

> 450 Lockers Turnhout
EU * Golf Club Ternesse
Dressing room

Golf Club Ternesse

> 40 Lockers Wommelgem
EU * Gustav Gym
Dressing room

Gustav Gym

> 50 Lockers Amsterdam

The use of keys is a thing of the past

A smart locker system is a perfect solution to provide staff and visitors to your dressing room with a safe and user-friendly storage solution.

Alternating and regular users

Electronic lockers can be set for permanent use (staff with a personal locker) or for varying use (shifts or gym visitors).

Different materials

Our lockers can be produced from plastic, steel, melamine and solid core. We offer a perfect solution for every situation and environment.

Various authentication options

Electronic lockers can be opened in a way that you as an administrator wish, such as a pin code, personnel card, finger scan or barcode.

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