Vision & Mission

Vision - how we see the world
Olssen sees a world that is constantly changing. Travel, work, fun, entrepreneurship and sports are increasingly dynamic. Increased mobility means that organizations also have to adapt at an increasing pace to the wishes of customers, visitors and employees.

Mission - why we exist
Olssen offers high-tech electronic locker systems. In this way, we ensure that companies and organizations gain maximum control over the storage options and 24/7 drop-off and pick-up services they offer. So that their customers, visitors and employees can store personal or company property in an easy and efficient way.

Ambition - what we want to achieve
Our ambition is to become the market leader in high-tech electronic locker systems. We strive for this by leading in product innovation and applications. By continuously focusing on maximum customer experience and satisfaction. And by continuing to invest in our organization and adhering to Olssen's core principles: Leadership, optimism, innovation and expertise.