Electronic lockers

Electronic lockers are the solution

Electronic locker systems have a wide range of features and possibilities. With the help of the innovative Keynius software, Olssen can implement any locker scenario in every situation. Whether the problem requires a storage solution for personal belongings, a controlled dispensing system, a drop off & pick up system, a key & asset management system or a locker system to sell and rent products. This is all possible due to the advanced Keynius cloud platform.

The software behind the electronic locker systems

Keynius is the innovative software for managing and using lockers (locker management software). It is a flexible and innovative cloud based platform, where the software ‘runs’ on the Microsoft Azure cloud. A locker wall is connected to one computer that integrates with the Azure core. For using and managing the lockers, the only thing required is a computer with an internet connection. Fully installing a locker wall with the Keynius locker managment software is a short plug and play process.

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