Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

About this privacy statement
This privacy statement among other things includes information about how we treat the data we collect via our website.

Information about us
Olssen B.V.
Parabool 28
3364 DH Sliedrecht (NL)
Phone number: +31 (0)184 – 611400
CoC: 52617688

Stored data
Our principle is to collect as little data as possible to perform our services. The way we process all our data is compliant with the strict norms of the GDPR.

We collect data on our website for various reasons, for example to make sure our website and shopping functionalities work properly. We only collect personal data when it is required and there is a logical reason to collect this data in order to reach our goal:

  • Contact forms and vacancy forms – personal data filled in these forms are for example used to reply to your message or contact you.
  • Webshop – to succesfully complete an order on the webshop, we require data to process the order, make a quote and arrange correct delivery.
  • Website use – to provide the best user experience and offer the best service we can deliver to our website visitors, we use cookies. We use cookies to for example keep track with which language a visitor is viewing our website, what device is being used to view the website etc. Read more about cookies in our cookie policy.

Store data
We store (personal) data as short as (legally) possible. We store contact information as long as these are needed to provide you with our services. We store data from job applications for a maximum of one year.

Sharing data
We only share data with third parties when it is necessary to perform our business or we are legally required to do so.

If we (have to) share data with third parties, we’ll make sure that they process the (personal) data with as much care and security as we do.

Delete data
Contact us if you want an overview of all your (personal) data we have stored, or want us to delete it. You can send us an email ( and we will try to respond as quicly as possible, and athleast within 3 business days.

Do you have a question or suggestion? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email, or call us during business hours +31 (0) 184 611 400.

In the rare scenario that you might have a complaint about the way we process personal data, you can contact the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. (We however assume that this should never be necessary as we are confident that, together, we can resolve any issue!)

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Cleaning and maintenance

Download Our Cleaning & Maintenance here

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Color ranges

Download our colour charts here.

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Cookie statement

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit the website.

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Delivery & installation

The delivery costs indicated apply to delivery behind the first door on the ground floor.

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Delivery conditions

The delivery charges shown apply to delivery on the ground floor, behind the first door.

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We have compiled the content of this website with great care and do our utmost to keep it as up to date as possible.

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Ordering and payment

You can easily place an order via our webshop and choose to pay afterwards on account (B2B).

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Shipping costs

To keep the prices for our products as low as possible, we have decided to charge the shipping costs from the suppliers directly to the end customer.

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We welcome you to our showroom, where we will be pleased to show you some of our beautiful and solid electronic locker arrangements and solutions.

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Terms & conditions

Download our General terms and conditions.

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Warranty and returns

Of course, every item you buy from us is guaranteed to be in good condition on delivery and to function properly (with normal use). This is the legal guarantee that you have on purchases.

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