Lockersystem vending

With a vending system in your company you can lend and / or sell small and large accessories and products that can be used in the workplace to your employees. In this way, your employees always have the right supplies at their disposal to carry out their work properly.



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A new extra service for your employees

With a vending system, you ensure that your employees always have access to important necessities that ensure that work can always be carried out. A good example where a vending machine comes into its own is an office environment with many employees. For example, keyboards, laptops, charging cables, mice and other computer accessories can be placed in the machine, which can be loaned or sold to employees. Selling such accessories to your own colleagues sounds like a strange thing. But it often happens that employees of a company have to provide their own laptop, keyboard or mouse to be able to "flex work" if they forget this, so the employees have the opportunity to borrow or buy such products from a vending machine.

How does the process work?

  • An employee of your company finds out that he or she has forgotten to bring the charging cable from his or her laptop
  • In order to be able to carry out his work, he consults via the company intranet the products that are available through the vending machine
  • The employee sees that a suitable charging cable can be borrowed via one of the vending machines in the office
  • The employee searches for the vending machine in the office and registers with his staff card via the central terminal
  • Then a selection of available products appears and the employee chooses the charging cable that he wants to borrow (or buy)
  • In case the employee wants to buy the product, he or she can pay for the product with his debit card via the payment terminal
  • Then the locker with the correct product (in this example the charging cable) will be opened automatically
  • The employee takes the product (in this example the charging cable) from the locker and then closes the door


The above example is one of the many situations that could arise within a company. Olssen's vending systems can come in handy for all kinds of different products and services. The 'software' can be integrated in different lockers. This means that also large products and accessories can be placed in our vending systems. Our software and lockers can be fully adapted to the wishes, situation and environment of the customer.


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The functionalities and possibilities that our vending systems offer can be fully adapted to the wishes of the customer.

Different compartment sizes

Vending systems can be supplied in various compartment sizes. For example, both large and small products can be placed in the lockers.

Real-time data

The administrator (s) can view the use of the vending systems in real time.

Full control

As an administrator you are in complete control of the use of the system. You can see exactly which person borrowed or bought a particular product and when this happened.

Cashless payment method

When a user buys a product from the vending system, payment can be made completely cashless via the payment terminal.

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Customization is key

Olssen's vending systems can be used for large and small-sized products and accessories. This is because we integrate our software in a locker cabinet. If a system must be suitable for small products, we supply lockers with a smaller compartment size. When a company wants to lend / sell products to employees who are of a larger size, we adjust the box measurement accordingly and we can supply a vending system with large box dimensions. A combination between a locker wall with large and small compartments is also possible.

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