Solution for the vistors wardrobe

For poppodium Paard (formerly Paard Van Troje), the pop temple of The Hague, Olssen has installed over 300 electronic and colorful luggage lockers. Visitors can safely store their belongings in one of the lockers so they do not have to carry their coats and other luggage to one of the shows. Knowing that their belongings are safely stored, visitors can enjoy the many performances Paard has to offer.


Poppodium Paard has chosen for the ‘event locker solution’, whereby visitors can use (rent) a locker by scanning with their mobile phone one of the QR codes that are displayed at various locations near the lockerwalls. The QR code leads to the ‘locker website’, which has been specially designed in the house style of Paard, making it instantly recognizable for visitors. Through this website, visitors can rent a locker. After paying, the visitor receives an e-mail containing a link to a personal locker page where the rented locker can be operated. This way, the visitor does not have to download an app and the rented locker is easy to operate.

A unique locker solution especially for event locations, where visitors can rent, pay and operate a locker by just scanning a QR code.

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