Electronic luggage lockers

With an electronic luggage locker system, tourists / passengers can safely store their personal items for a certain period of time. With such a locker system, users can enjoy the free time they have without worrying about carrying their luggage or bags.

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Earn money with these lockers

Lockers for luggage

Your challenge
In public environments it often happens that visitors, recreationists and, for example, tourists need a location where they can temporarily store their personal belongings / luggage. Think of locations such as airports, theme parks, hotels and, for example, event halls. It is very pleasant for you, the environment and the visitors when there is a possibility that luggage can be stored in a safe and simple way. This increases service, prevents bags lying around and gives users a pleasant storage solution. In addition, electronic luggage lockers can also be equipped with a payment terminal, so using the lockers also yields money, depending on the situation.

Our solution
Electronic lockers can be rented both at the time and in advance via an (online) reservation. Ubilock can link to your website, allowing interested parties to rent a luggage locker in advance so that they can be sure that they can store their luggage during the visit. You can pay in advance (for the rent) or at the locker setup itself via a built-in payment terminal. Users can decide for themselves for which period of time they want to use a locker. With such a locker system you increase the service considerably.

Leading in lockers
The Ubilock software and hardware can be delivered PCI Compliant. This is an international level of security for keeping card and transaction data safe. This keeps card and transaction data of users optimally protected. Administrators can log in to the locker management software via a PC, tablet or smartphone. This platform gives you direct insight into locker usage and gives you an up-to-date overview of what the lockers have delivered and the current status of the lockers.

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Earn money with these lockers

Functions & possibilities

The Ubilock locker system has many functions and possibilities, see the overview below

Cloud management

The administrator always has access to the Locker Management Software (LMS). This can be done via a PC, tablet or smartphone. In the LMS, the administrator can change settings, view the current locker use and immediately see what the rental of the lockers has yielded.

Reserve in advance

Interested people can rent a luggage locker in advance, provided our software has made a link to your website. It is also possible that users pay in advance before they actually use the locker.

System linking

Ubilock can make a synchronization at any time between an existing system and the Ubilock software. In addition, Ubilock can also link to your website.

Charging points

Luggage lockers can be provided with power points on the inside. For certain situations and environments, it is an extra service when locker users can safely store and charge their electronics at the same time.

Time period

The user can decide for which period he or she wishes to rent a locker. It is also possible to set a certain maximum so that users cannot claim a locker for days.

Code via SMS

Someone who rents a locker in advance will receive a unique code by SMS with which he or she can use the locker in question. You can enter this code via the central terminal on the locker wall.

Central terminal

Users can rent and pay for a locker via a central terminal. The amount of terminals depends on the amount of lockers and your personal wishes.

View history

he administrator (s) always have insight into locker use. This can be done via the central terminals by means of a master badge as via the online locker management software. For example, the administrator always has control over the use of the lockers.

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