Electronic lockers for visitors

With great pride and pleasure Olssen has provided all Snowworld locations in the Netherlands with new luggage lockers for visitors, including the location in Rucphen. The installed lockers are completely made of HPL (full-core), have an antibacterial top layer and are very sturdy. Visitors can rent a locker in advance or on demand and start using it via a QR code sent to them. The locker arrangements are equipped with central terminal screens, payment terminals and QR code readers. Via the central terminals, visitors can indicate whether they would like to rent a locker and then pay cashless for the specified rental period. The Locker Management software enables the managers to see exactly what turnover the lockers have generated. Administrators receive an automatic report every day. In this way, the administrators have a good overview of the income generated by renting out the lockers.

Keynius is the most innovative and extremely flexible locker software with many functions and possibilities.

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